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TAMPA Florida (AP) The Indian film industry top award show sailed into Tampa on Saturday with a pirate-themed opening musical number and celebrities ranging from Slumdog Millionaire star Anil Kapoor to John Travolta and Kevin Spacey. Before a crowd of some 20000 the International Indian Film Academy awards started with the entrance of actors aboard a float built like a pirate ship a nod to Tampa love of pirate-themed parties. The show informally known as the Bollywood Oscars are being held in the U.S. for the first time. The show was recorded and will be broadcast in June. IIFA says around 800 million people worldwide are expected to watch the event. SUNCHEON/INCHEON South Korea (Reuters) - South Koreas most wanted man whose heavily decomposed body was found in an orchard last month had evaded arrest by hiding behind an upstairs wall of a wooden cabin with suitcases of cash at hand prosecutors said on Wednesday. The body of Yoo Byung-un 73 wanted in connection with the sinking of a ferry in April was only identified this week more than a month after he was found lying next to a copy of a book he had written empty bottles of alcohol nearby ending the countrys biggest and most dramatic manhunt. We did all we could to find Yoo and are devastated we couldnt find him alive Kim Hoe-jong a senior prosecutor told a media briefing in Incheon the city west of Seoul where the ferry began its last voyage. For two months wanted posters offering a reward for Yoos capture faded under the summer sun or disintegrated in the rain while thousands of police combed the country looking for a man who co-founded a church held an exhibition of photographs at the Louvre in Paris and did jail time for fraud. On June 12 the same day farmer Park Yoon-seok found Yoos body in his plum orchard thousands of police and prosecutors were busy raiding Yoos sprawling religious compound 215 km away going as far as searching for tunnels with mechanical diggers. Policemen transport a stretcher with a body believed to be that of Yoo Byung-un who headed the family. You headed the family that owned the company that operated the Sewol a ferry that capsized on April 16 on a journey to the holiday island of Jeju killing about 300 people most of them schoolchildren and triggering an outpouring of grief across the country. At the modest but well-appointed two-storey cabin on the outskirts of Suncheon where Yoo had holed up its entrance cordoned off by police tape plates and other tableware could still be seen piled up beside the kitchen sink. Bags of clothes lay on the floor next to a washing machine and bibles and a calendar still open to the month of May were visible through a window. Police raided the cabin called Memory in Wood on May 25 but failed to find the multi-millionaire who had hidden behind a wooden wall. A college student weeps during a rally to demand the government to seek the truth in poor handling When they returned last month acting on testimony given by an assistant police found two suitcases that between them contained 830 million won ($810800) and $160000 tagged with numbers 4 and 5 prosecutors said suggesting more cash may have been stashed elsewhere. It was not clear how or when the health-obsessed Yoo traveled the two kilometers to where his body was found nearly three weeks later between orchard saplings clad in an expensive winter coat and beside a bag containing the alcohol bottles a change of clothes and a pack of plums. There was also the book Greater Love has No One Than This written in 1995 while Yoo was serving four years in prison for fraud, and an empty bottle of a shark-liver-oil health tonic made by a Yoo family company. MIAMI (AP) Pasquale Vaglio a retired New York City policeman and Korean War veteran was on the cruise of a lifetime with 18 family members in the summer of 2011 aboard Royal Caribbeans Explorer of the Seas. Then the accident happened. Vaglio 82 fell and hit his head shortly after disembarking for a sightseeing trip in Bermuda. He was immediately taken to the ships medical unit where a nurse did a cursory examination and said Vaglio should rest in his cabin. What she did not know and a doctor would not discover until hours later was that Vaglio had suffered a brain injury that would kill him within days. For more than 100 years people such as Vaglios survivors could not win medical malpractice lawsuits against cruise lines because of exemptions created through a series of court decisions. The most recent is a 1988 ruling known as Barbetta that cruise companies such as Royal Caribbean and Carnival regularly relied upon to get malpractice lawsuits thrown out before trial. Courts said passengers should not expect the same level of medical care on a ship as on land and ships doctors and nurses were private contractors beyond the cruise lines direct control. Now a federal appeals court considering the Vaglio case has ruled the exemption should no longer apply. A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which has jurisdiction over the major Florida-based cruise lines recently decided Barbetta is outdated law. The judges noted that the Royal Caribbean doctor and nurse wore cruise line uniforms were presented as ship employees and that the onboard medical center was described glowingly in promotional materials. Some modern cruise ships they noted have sophisticated intensive care units laboratories and the ability to do live video conference links with medical experts on shore. We can discern no sound reason in law to carve out a special exemption for all acts of onboard medical negligence Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus wrote in the decision. Much has changed in the quarter-century since Barbetta. The familys initial victory could affect many of the 21 million people who take cruises annually. What we did not realize until this happened was that they have zero liability said Pasquales son Joseph Vaglio a pharmacist who lives in Massapequa New York. There is no way they should be getting away with this. They are making money hand over fist. Part of their cost of doing business should be to have a competent medical staff. Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said the cruise line rejects the Vaglios allegations of medical negligence. The company wants the full 11th Circuit to reconsider the three-judge panel ruling contending there is no good reason to abandon a century of law.While cruise ships may have improved their medical facilities in the last 100 years they should not be punished for it Royal Caribbean lawyers wrote in a Dec. 1 rehearing motion. Royal Caribbean is not in the business of providing health care. It is in the business of providing vacations. According to the familys lawsuit after falling and hitting his head Pasquale Vaglio was seen at the ships infirmary by a nurse who noted a bump and scrape on his head. She neither conducted nor recommended a diagnostic scan telling Vaglios wife to keep an eye on him because he might have a concussion. Vaglio got steadily worse. After his daughter contacted ship personnel it took 20 minutes to get a wheelchair to take him from their cabin back to the infirmary. Then there was another delay while credit card information was obtained. Finally four hours after the accident and suffering from internal bleeding in his skull Vaglio was examined by the ship doctor and sent to a hospital in Bermuda. By that time Vaglios life was beyond saving the appeals judges wrote. He was airlifted to a hospital in Mineola New York where he died a week later. It is not clear whether the 11th Circuit will reconsider its ruling, which conflicts with other circuits decisions and could ultimately wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court.Robert Peltz a veteran Miami maritime lawyer said if the decision stands the key for medical malpractice lawsuits to succeed will be proving the cruise lines control their medical staffs that they are not independent contractors. There is ample evidence of that control in the modern cruise industry. The Cruise Lines International Association for example requires members to have medical staff aboard all ships around the clock. The organization has developed guidelines and policies for cruise lines to maintain high-standard medical care said spokeswoman Elinore Boeke.Cruise ships go to great lengths to keep passengers healthy and well she said. Still Royal Caribbean said it is unfair for purposes of a lawsuit to compare cruise ships to an onshore medical center with numerous specialists and access to lab work and test equipment. Cruise ships are still not floating hospitals their lawyers wrote. For now the 11th Circuit ruling would merely give Pasquale Vaglio relatives a chance to prove their claims that the Explorer of the Seas medical staff was negligent in his August 2011 death. Unless Royal Caribbean offers a settlement the Vaglios will have to convince a Miami jury they deserve damages but Joseph Vaglio said money is not the only motivation. They were getting away with this for a long time and it is time for it to stop he said. My dad was the nicest guy in the world. When he left early it was kind of weird. It took a lot of years away from me.