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A Chicago man who served 17 years in prison for murder before being cleared of the crime has been shot and killed almost three years after being released from prison police said Wednesday. Alprentiss Nash 40 was fatally shot Tuesday after an argument during a drug deal gone bad between Nash and his attacker Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. He said a suspect was in custody and charges were pending Wednesday afternoon. The Cook County Medical Examiners Office said Nash died of multiple gunshot wounds. Guglielmi said two weapons were recovered one belonging to the suspect and the other to Nash. Nash was convicted in the 1995 murder of Leon Stroud on Chicagos South Side based on witness testimony though he always professed his innocence. In 1997 he was sentenced to 80 years in prison. He was released in August 2012 after DNA tests on a ski mask recovered from the scene matched the genetic profile of another man. Nash later received a certificate of innocence and a settlement of more than $200000 from the state. A federal civil rights case pending against the city of Chicago and the police department will continue on behalf of Nashs 22-year-old son said attorney Kathleen Zellner who helped free Nash. Nash recently had talked about moving south, perhaps to Florida or Louisiana because he no longer felt safe in Chicago said Zellner and Nash mother Yvette Martin. He really just wanted to disappear and get out of here because he was afraid he was being targeted for money Zellner said. Martin said her son had gone to culinary arts school and dreamed of opening a restaurant but struggled to hold down a job because of his imprisonment. She said he also spoke of moving to Louisiana and buying cattle with some cousins once his civil case was settled. He jumped all those hurdles and then this happened she said. A rising tide may lift all boats but in the 2016 Republican primary race a rising Donald Trump sinks all GOP candidates. Except one. Since he entered the race in mid-June the meteoric rise of the billionaire businessman and surprise Republican candidate the latest Quinnipiac poll has Mr. Trump leading the 2016 race as the top choice for 20 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters has been matched by an equally swift drop in the polls by almost every other GOP candidate. With his penchant for controversy and histrionics Trump has stolen the thunder from other would-be GOP stars like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee all of whom have sunk significantly in the polls since Trump took the stage and the limelight. One candidate however appears to have profited from Trump flashy entrance: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Governor Bush is among the only candidates who has risen in the polls since the celebrepreneur entry jumping by about four percentage points in a Real Clear Politics average of polls to about 15.5 percent. How has Trumps rise helped Bush? For some GOP voters Trump simply makes Bush look good. Trumps antics and brash sometimes caustic personality is a perfect foil for Bush more measured cerebral tone. There seems to be a true contrast between the style and message of Jeb Bush versus Trump Susan MacManus a University of South Florida professor told The Hill. Even at the same time as people do not like government and love to hear someone bash everyone there is also a great interest in improving the civility of public discourse. Jeb Bush is trying to tap into that. Bush can sell himself to voters as the Responsible Republican saving the party from Trumps recklessness. And unlike many of their fellow contenders Bush was already established when Trump entered the race. His name recognition financial resources establishment cred and frontrunner status inoculates the former governor from the Trump Effect. He is able to float above a lot of this Trump stuff GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak told The Hill. His campaign is big enough and strong enough that they do not have to chase rabbits all the time. In fact, it is possible establishment Republicans are countering Trump surge by closing ranks around Bush. In contrast the Donald surge appears to have left everyone else in his dust. According to reports, Sen. Rubio has plummeted 3.2 percentage points since Trump entry retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has slid 3.4 points Sen. Paul has dropped 2.5 points and Gov. Huckabee has fallen 2.6 points. These were the more conservative anti-Washington candidates who hoped to transform voters resentment and anger into votes. Until of course a real estate magnate-turned-celebrity TV star-turned-GOP candidate named Trump came along and swept up the angry vote. What happens if Trump whose high popularity ratings are matched by his equally high unfavorable ratings stumbles seriously in a debate plummets in the polls or drops out? Expect a mad scramble for his supporters by the candidates spurned by his surge.