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A conservative news anchor has some words for President Obama. Tomi Lahren an anchor at One American News Network slammed President Obama on his half-way half-baked tip-toe be-friendly-to-jihadis mentality. Following the news of the deadly shooting in Chattanooga Tenn Lahren used the Final Thoughts section of her show to unleash a passionate rant on the president’s fight against terrorism. President Obama if you wont say it I will — radical Islam. This is not workplace violence this is not a criminal act with motives unknown — this is terrorism Lehren says in the video. What he linked to ISIS or al-Qaida or Hamas or any of the other 15-plus offshoot terrorist groups? Does it matter? I am sorry but radical Islam is becoming the rule not the exception. Yesterdays moderate is todays terrorist. I care that this S.O.B. killed four of our United States Marines. And I care that our commander-in-chief is more concerned with Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by these Marines. Lahren is referencing the 24-year-old shooter Mohammad Abdulazeez who killed four U.S. Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist in Chattanooga on Thursday. Abdulazeez identified as a devout Muslim but so far there is nothing connecting him to ISIS or other international terror groups. Lahren who comes from a family of Marines closed her segment with: They the radical Islamists have brought the fight right here to the red white and blue and its about time we bring it to them. Full force. Lets show them what the United States of America looks like up close and personal. Show them what a B1 Bomber looks like flying overhead. Show them what they are messing with. Put the fear of God in their desert because clearly our lack of strategy isnt working. The 22-year-old comments have gone viral and have been viewed more than 1.9 million times. American hip-hop star Chris Brown was barred Wednesday from leaving the Philippines after a prominent religious group alleged he reneged on an agreement to perform at a 2014 concert. The 25-year-old Grammy-winning R&B artist who performed in Manila on Tuesday must satisfy the government there is no basis to file swindling charges against him before he can depart the immigration bureau said. The influential Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) a conservative indigenous Christian sect alleged Brown had failed to show up for a New Year Eve concert at an Iglesia-owned indoor arena on Manilas northern outskirts last December 31. Its chief operating officer Glicerio Santos alleged in a letter shown to reporters by the justice department that Brown and his Filipino promoter defrauded the sect. My husband and I have a great relationship. We work in the same school system. He is an administrator I am a counselor. We sometimes go to joint meetings but when we do he always acts awkward like he does not even know me. I understand we have to behave professionally but not as if we do not know each other. Recently we were leaving a meeting and no one was around. I was going to give him a peck on the lips to say goodbye and he turned away as if he wanted nothing to do with me. What is the proper etiquette when spouses work together? MORE THAN A CO-WORKER IN GEORGIA DEAR MORE: Demonstrations of physical affection are not appropriate in a workplace situation if other people are present. You say you and your husband have a great relationship so I am advising you to discuss this with him and tell him how it made you feel. Because no one was around, there should have been no harm in a simple peck goodbye. Personally I think he owes you an apology. What he did was not nice. DEAR ABBY: My calico cat Rosie seems to be fixated on my next-door neighbor Ron. Every morning Rosie grooms herself for an hour then jumps in the window to watch for Ron to go for his morning run. She sits there until Ron comes out of his house. He exercises a lot and has kept himself in shape while I admit I have let myself go. As soon as she sees him Rosie starts purring. I have to say that I resent this. I provide her with room and board and brush her regularly but while I am doing it she watches the window intently and then bolts to her lookout post if Ron appears. I bought new window treatments which she scratched her way through damaging the blinds and shades. Filling her food dish strategically before Ron goes out does not deter her. I love my cat but I feel she is being unfaithful. What should I do? A hiccup usually means one of just a very few things: You ate that burger way too fast you washed it down with that beer way too fast or you got a little overexcited that you were about to have a burger and a beer. These are occasional hiccups that rarely last more than a few minutes. All a hiccup is is an abrupt closure of your vocal cords says Kenneth Brown MD a Dallas-area board-certified gastroenterologist and the cofounder and chief medical officer of Atrantil supplements. The vocal cords snap shut thanks to an involuntary contraction of your diaphragm. It is an electrical current making the diaphragm jump when it should not like a little spark going off he says. Sounds (relatively) harmless. But in some instances hiccups can become a little more troublesome. Anything that irritates the diaphragm or the vagus nerve that runs through it from your brain to your belly can lead to hiccups and sometimes—although it is rare—those irritants can be serious.