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General Motors clearly believes that two is better than one and so has taken the wraps off a pair of special edition Vets the soft-top Atlantic and the hard top hard-nose Pacific. Both production cars are based on concepts shown at 2013 s SEMA the car show where customization is king and where stock refers to inventory and are meant to reflect the two sides of the latest Corvette personality. As well as being a convertible the Atlantic is about comfort and therefore cruising. Chevrolet marketing department says that the finished car is inspired by the luxury and performance of private jets seen at European vacation destinations but what that means is that it blends a couple of Z06 features such as the front splitter with a couple of premium exterior touches such as chrome wheels custom splash guards and exterior vents finished in grey plus a set of custom luggage. And even if the explanation is dressed up in marketing speak the final car does look like an equally elegant and aggressive long-distance tourer. The Pacific on the other hand has been inspired by Corvette owners that take their cars to track day events and so is focused on looking as fast as possible even when standing still. The key to this without going all Fast and Furious and covering the car with huge spoilers and air scoops is a liberal helping of carbon fiber. The roof panel rear spoiler wing mirror housings and even the badges are made from the stuff and the theme continues inside too. It gets sports seats as standard and the instrument panel also gets carbon fiber touches. Of the new models Todd Christensen Corvette marketing manager explains We plan to make news with the Corvette Stingray every year, in part by offering special edition models that offer a unique personal ownership experience he said.Our customers have told us they appreciate these limited edition models which have become an important part of the Corvettes legacy. A search is underway after an Air Algerie plane carrying 116 crew and passengers crashed after it was forced to divert due to a sandstorm an Algerian aviation official has confirmed. Flight AH5017 was flying from Burkina Faso to Algiers across the Sahara when Algerian aviation authorities lost contact with the aircraft about 50 minutes after take-off the APS state news agency reported on Thursday. The passenger manifest says 50 passengers -almost half of those onboard- were French four were from Burkina Faso eight Lebanese six Algerians five Canadians four Germans two from Luxembourg and one from Mali. There was also one Nigerian one from Cameroon one Belgian one Ukrainian one Romanian and one Swiss passenger Air Algerie said. The six crew members are Spanish according to the Spanish pilots union. I can confirm that it has crashed an Algerian official told Reuters declining to be identified or give any details about what had happened to the aircraft on its way north. The plane had been missing for hours before the news was made public and officials did not make it immediately clear why there had been such a delay in reporting the loss of the aircraft. There have been mixed reports about the location of the plane with the head of Malis National Civil Aviation Agency saying that a search was currently under way for the missing flight. We do not know if the plane is Malian territory Issa Saly Maiga told Reuters. Aviation authorities are mobilised in all the countries concerned - Burkina Faso Mal Niger Algeria and even Spain. The Air Algerie flight disappeared over northern Mali Frances transport minister said. The passenger airliner was last seen at 0155 GMT when it was flying over Gao the airline added. It should have landed at 0510. The city is not on the flight route for the plane but officials said it had been diverted due to poor visibility. The plane was asked to change route at 01.38 local time because of a powerful sandstorm the Burkina Faso transport minister said. A hippo that panicked while being transported by truck in Taiwan jumped from the vehicle breaking a leg and causing confused residents to report spotting a dinosaur on the loose. Television footage showed the enormous animal lying on the road with a white fluid oozing from its eyes after it jumped through a truck window and landed on a parked car before falling onto the road on Friday. The sound of the collision startled people nearby who flocked to see the animal and contacted the police in central Miaoli county. One woman was quoted by the United Daily News as saying that she ran out of her house after hearing the crash and thought she saw a dinosaur lying on the road. The truck driver was quoted by the newspaper as saying that he saw the hippo flying out of the vehicle after getting spooked during the drive. The injured animal named A Ho after the Chinese name for hippo Ho Ma lay on the road for a few hours before being put into a cargo container and taken back to its farm in central Taichung city officials said. Taiwanese authorities said Saturday that the animals owner could face a fine of up to Tw$75,000 (US$2400) for violating animal protection laws after the hippo suffered a broken leg and damage to its teeth. Local media said the hippo was a star attraction at its farm and had even appeared in a popular television soap opera several years ago. With frigid temperatures and a shrinking food supply winter can be tough on Yellowstone National Parks wildlife. And for the areas 4900 bison it is not just nature elements they are fighting against.Upwards of 1000 buffalo could meet their demise this winter through either hunting or through shipment to slaughterhouses as park officials look to keep the herds contained and avoid a mass migration of the beasts into Montana. It is a balance the Parks Service deals with annually but this year planned culling is one of the largest since the management program was created 14 years ago up from the 650 killed last winter. According to the National Parks Service website 300 to 400 bison will be removed by hunting while 500 to 600 could be shipped to meat processing or research facilities starting in January. The plan is to capture and ship at least 50 to 100 bison per week from mid-January through mid-February without regard for age sex or disease status the Parks Service website states. But why are mass killings of a Yellowstone iconic animal permitted in an area where they are federally protected? The animals are flourishing within the parks confines but when their numbers get too large for an area they can devastate habitat through overgrazing and push out other wildlife in the process. And while hunting within the park is forbidden the migratory animals often head outside the park confines north into Montana. There Native American tribal populations have been granted rights to hunt the animals and public hunters are given a limited number of tags for hunting as well. That is created corridors of heavy hunting activity just outside the park boundaries where hunters wait for the chance at bison.