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It sounded pipe dream and it was. The tricksters calling from Montreal Canada told seniors that for around $300 they could purchase a medication rebate card that would pay for every one of their remedies and that they would not require a Medicare part D arrangement. It is difficult to say precisely what number of seniors were tricked and the amount they lost says William Hodor a legal advisor with the Federal Trade Commission in Chicago who took care of the case. In any case, he evaluates some place around 3600 seniors succumbed to the trick between October 2012 and March 2013. For this situation the tricksters who were gotten and halted were not after the seniors Medicare numbers they were after their financial balances Hodor says. Seniors can be simple prey when guests let them know that on the off chance that they do not join or purchase something they will lose their Medicare advantages and/or health care coverage Hodor says. These con artists were especially shrewd he says in light of the fact that they did not seem to be sales representatives yet rather were advancing their trick as what individuals needed to do to keep on receiving their advantages. How Medicare tricks can influence you Even however open enlistment for 2015 Medicare arranges has finished tricksters work consistently. Medicare misrepresentation costs the framework some $60 billion every year as per the FBI. At the point when a specialist charges Medicare for administrations never rendered or for a greater number of administrations than he really conveyed the casualties are the American citizens and citizens need to compensate for the misfortune some way or another. Furthermore, everybody pays higher expenses for medicinal services. Singular seniors can get to be casualties too says Sally Hurme AARP venture guide for training and effort wellbeing and family. You will not confront monetary risk yet you could confront issues if your therapeutic records and medical coverage records are traded off. Consider it like this: Say somebody took your Medicare number and utilized it to get a force wheelchair. You fall and discover you require a wheelchair. Medicare would dismiss your case for the wheelchair in light of the fact that as per its records you as of now have one. You would need to offer and say That is not me that got the wheelchair Hurme says. Furthermore, engaging Medicare choices is a long and confused procedure. It could take months if not longer when you require the wheelchair tomorrow. On the other hand say somebody took your Medicare number and utilized it to charge for a pack of tests and medications that you never got.